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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Maple syrup pancakes

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Maple syrup pancakes


If you are planning a trip to the United States, get ready to taste the traditional American breakfast with the delicious pancakes, small spongy and tasty discs that are waiting to be stuffed with the most inviting delicacies: the tradition wants them seasoned with the typical syrup of maple, a natural sweetener with a taste reminiscent of honey, also used for fluffy pancakes. But alongside this typical combination, all possible variants are permitted, provided they are super tasty: from fresh or canned fruit, to creams and chocolate sauces. Americans don't miss anything and often accompany the pancake dish with whipped cream, how can you resist? Not to mention that in one of the classic bars you will really have difficulty choosing between the various cakes and the countless types of muffins, including those without gluten. Surely you already have your mouth watering, if you don't want to wait for breakfast you can also prepare pancakes for a snack, here is our recipe!



Butter 25 g
Flour 00 125 g
Medium eggs 2
Fresh whole milk 200 g
Baking powder for cakes 6 g
Sugar 15 g

Maple syrup to taste



We begin the preparation of the pancakes by melting the butter over a very low heat, then let it cool. Meanwhile, divide the egg whites from the yolks. Pour the egg yolks in a bowl and beat them with a hand whisk

 1 Then add the melted butter at room temperature
 2 And the milk flush, always continuing to mix with the whisk
 3 Whip the mixture until it is clear..Add the yeast to the flour 
 4 And sift it all in the bowl with the egg mixture 
5 Mix with the whisk to mix 
6 Now whip the egg whites you have kept aside, gradually adding the sugar 
7 And when they are white and frothy, gently incorporate them into the egg mixture, with movements from top to bottom, to avoid disassembling them 
8 Put to heat on medium heat (not high otherwise you will not give the dough to rise well during cooking and the pancakes will become too dark) a large non-stick pan (preferably thick bottom) and, if necessary, grease with a little butter from spread on the surface with kitchen paper. Pour a ladle of preparation 
9 In the center of the pan , there will be no need to spread it.
When the bubbles start to appear on the surface and the base is golden, turn it on the other side with a spatula 
10  As if it were a crepe or an omelette, then brown the other side too, after which the pancake will be ready
11  Continue like this with the rest of the dough and gradually place the pancakes on a serving dish, stack them on top of each other. With these doses approximately 12 pancakes should be formed. Serve hot and sprinkle with maple syrup 
12  You can accompany the pancakes with fresh or canned fruit of your taste.


It is advisable to consume the pancakes immediately, or to keep them in the fridge for a day at the most. Freezing is not recommended.
The dough can be stored in a refrigerator covered with foil for up to 12 hours.


To garnish or accompany the pancakes, in addition to maple syrup (Maple Syrup) used by the Americans for the greatest, you can use honey, Nutella, various creams, peanut butter, jams, semi-whipped or sour cream, fresh fruit or syrup!


For the many readers of Disney: the pancakes are nothing more than the notes of Donald Duck's pancakes, which as a good uncle he prepared with care for the three grandchildren Qui, Quo and Qua!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

14 Side Chick Rules for Being a Happy Lady - Out of Drama

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14 Side Chick Rules for Being a Happy Lady - Out of Drama

If you are going to play the love triangle game, you should know the rules of the side chick to help you avoid possible problems.
Being a side chick isn't easy. All these are not gifts and sex and exciting adventures, but they are usually part of the agreement. However, there is more to be a side chick than sitting in the back and receiving a gift. And this is the emergence of all drama, heart pain and scandals. If you're a great chick, none of this is your business. You only enjoy as much as the man loves you.

Read these 14 great side chick rules

So, how do you play chick rules when you don't pull your hair out of the main chick? Check out these 14 golden rules to live.

# 1 Don't fall. Most side chicks remain on the side chicks. Falling in love with your man basically destroys the basis of the relationship based on ordinary sex, bound by no-strings. Or, most of all, a friend with some kind of help.

The feelings of capture only bring more expectations and more complications that the man does not want. [Read: 13 easy ways to avoid falling in love with someone]

# 2 Know where you stand. Keep your expectations under control. If you have PMS and have just watched, the guy will not be there when you have a Titanic nth time and you need a shoulder to cry. You won't be there for Valentine's Day, Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving. You can't dress him up like Prince Magic on Halloween.

# 3 Be hidden. If you love spy adventures, then this is your chance to be like Angelina Jolie. Salt. Being a side chick means you have to keep things down-down. You must be a ninja, be under the radar, and meet your man who doesn't know anyone else.

# 4 Stop following. Some of the rules of the side chick include understanding that you will not go to court. You're not your boyfriend, not even your wife, so stop chasing. Being a side chick means one thing: enter the bed and have a good time. We don't have a difficult time to take, so either you love your man or you come out. [Read: 9 bright tips for a comfortable relationship]

# 5 Know the risks. This isn't just about you or you and him. It's about you and that chick. To be a side chick, you must know what is hiding and what is at risk.

You can ruin an affair or even a family - so if you get caught. With this in mind, you should always be careful and think about your every move.

# 6 Never got a handle. Technology can give you plenty of tools to track your man or main chick. Although this is pretty easy, never do. First of all, it's pointless. The latter may result in a restriction order.

If your guy doesn't want you to know where he is, it's probably best for him. And if he wants you to know what he's up to, he'il definitely let you know. [Read: 12 things you make, you will think you're a pervert of him]

# 7 And never talk. Never confess to anything. If something is scattered, let the man take over the heat. As a rule, side chicks shouldn't just tell anyone about being a side chick. You shouldn't talk about your man, his main battery, or anything that will affect you at the end. After all, what you do is not what you want to publish.

# 8 Stay away. Stay away from the main chick. If you see a girl going to a coffee shop with her friends, do not invite them to experience problems there too. Actually, keep your distance. Don't do anything to let the main chick connect you to your people.

If you see them open to the public, don't even look at them. If the man follows you on Instagram or Twitter, don't let him. Block him. Do yourself a favor and keep your distance.

# 9 Never leave evidence. Make sure you don't leave anything to the main chicken back to you, no matter where you are.

Just a text that looks cryptic or even harmless is enough for a man to call for a hunger. What's more, nothing in his car, no lipstick marks, no perfumes, don't even leave the hair strand. If the main chicken gets a nail polish with no shadow of his shadow, then it's over. [Read: Relationship with a married person: a real experience]

# 10 Know your social media etiquette. In today's and era, most of these side line rules will include social media. Remember, he doesn't even have a sacrifice with the guy or the tie. Don't tag him on Facebook and, better yet, follow him on any platform. Just know what to do when you're online, and please, just don't have the fake account to track it.

# 11 Learn how to flow. Being a side chick, you must be prepared for many changes in your plans. Although he tells you you want to take you out to dinner tonight and you've even bought a new dress for the occasion, don't suddenly cancel and take it personally. Don't make a big mess.

Most of the time, the man escapes from the moment he can do it to reach you, so instead of dealing with promises you can't understand, understand this * duh! *.

# 12 The queen is never your concern. Don't expect his man to go with you and tell you about his wife or girlfriend. You're her shrinking and you're not her friend. Most of all, it's not your job. In the same way, do not ask about the main chick or even mention her name in a chat.

# 13 Never get caught. Any side chick can be great on the bed, but it won't be caught just a big side chick. Know your escape plans if things get hard. That means you shouldn't let your guard down, with or without your man.

And if you're unlucky * you'll get caught, which, never again, shouldn't be in the equation in the first place, at least, don't let your pants down or down on your knees. we mean. [Read: 18 creative ways to catch a cheating partner]

# 14 Make it clean and filthy. It's oxymoronic, but let's explain. You have to look clean, but be dirty. And with that in bed. She doesn't need another wife or girlfriend to go - she wants a viola in bed.

He wants someone to keep him in the company, but he is brightening up things, not wanting much of him, not picking him up or tying him up. That's his main chicken job. Your job is to please him and keep him coming back for you.

Being a side chick brings more complications than just her main chicken. However, there are some women who prefer to be just a side chick. [Read: Rich boyfriend or a candy how her father effortlessly ...]

She lacks a serious monogamy relationship, without any expectations and frustrations, no complexities. On top of that, there is no commitment to the entire installation, full privacy excitement.

[Read: How to end a relationship and finish it]

By following the rules of this side chicken, you can be an excellent side chick, minus all the drama. Having fun with the guy, worrying about responsibilities and expectations, and getting all the benefits of being the girl he comes from for fun and wonderful sex.

15 Effective Health and Fitness Tips

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15 Effective Health and Fitness Tips


1. Preparation for Success
The fastest way to a better diet is to use your weekends wisely. On Saturday and Sunday, take extra time to prepare a large amount of healthy food to cover at least a few of the weekday lunches and dinners.

2. Shuffle your workout
Diversity - stereotype warning! - The spice of life and many sports and activity support each other in a way that you will not realize before you try. For example, strength training for your legs and core will give you a better runner, while those who are dependent on the dumbbells will find the Pilates working muscles they never thought of before.

3. Adjust Targets to Viewers
If you invest in a fitness tracker, just sit back and follow the preset goals to take you to victory. Regularly adjust the steps, active minutes, and calorie targets to create your progress, or make it more realistic if you've never approached and ignored them. If you're not interested in your fitness technology, you're going to throw it away.

4. Add Short Explosions of Activity
The oldest quick fitness solution in this book: take the stairs, not the escalators, or get up and walk on the bus early. Any activity is a good activity and only recommends doing more. And if you really want to go up the ante, try to throw the stairs (now safely) every time. In a recent study, short bursts of high-density stair climbs have shown that it can make a significant difference in your cardioprotection.

5. Keep Tabs in Your Visceral Oil
You may be skinny outside (at least your arms and legs), but you may be fat inside. Visceral fat is the type that occurs around your organs and usually results in a belly. Heart disease is associated with various cancers and type 2 diabetes. Check your waist height ratio (WtHR) to see if you are at risk. Take a piece of rope and use it to measure your height, then lower it in half. If you do not fit your waist, exercise - the ratio of the first lubricated fat when you start exercising.

6. Value Your Rest Day
When you start a fitness kick, you are tempted to do your workouts every day while the motivation is high. This is a bad move and you'll see that you've burned your enthusiasm in weeks, because it's always laborious and you don't see the big improvements you've been waiting for your Herculean efforts. Why? You don't give your muscles the time they need to heal and grow.

7. Increase Intensity if you are short on time
Official NHS guidelines support at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, but now it is an effective alternative to the 75-minute week. For example, when running or playing tennis alone, for example, rather than riding or walking, it is considered to be moderate. You can also mix two, so you'll see 60 minutes of strong cardio plus 30's in the middle. Note that the guides also require two or more exercises a week, along with your aerobic activity.

8. Take Niggles Seriously
Nothing will start as a health shot doesn't disrupt injury so quickly and there are many serious strokes, light niggles that you think are good to enforce. It's better to come back for a few days than to be out for a few months. If you have an urgent request to hit the gym, target a different part of the body from someone who bothers you.

9. Fruit and Vegetable Mixture
You should eat at least five servings of fruit a day and be a cornerstone of a healthy diet plan. What is not wise, every day consume the same five, because different fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins and minerals. A good way to change five days a day is to eat different colors because the colors are a good indicator of the nutrients they contain.

10. Inadequate Measurement of Your Sleep
There is a tendency for people who sleep very little to brag about it, as if they are an indication of their commitment to life. However, a period of seven to eight hours is vital for a healthy lifestyle, as it provides energy for exercise and even affects dietary choices - in a study conducted in 2016, in the days following a limited night's sleep, people received an extra 385 average calories. . You're not delayed, you lose.

11. Increase Your Cadastity on Your Runs
If you are constantly getting wounds when you run, it's definitely a worthwhile attempt to increase your step-by-step rate (cadence). If you do excess, this way, if you take less steps, you will create extra pressure on your knee and hip joints. Try to take more steps, ie your feet will fall below your body and reduce the impact on your joints.

12. Work Three Times Before Giving Them Up
It's very difficult when you first try an exercise, but at least it's pretty new. The novelty went on for the second time and it is still hard, causing the lure to drop. The third time is often the attraction because you try at least once more - when a sport or training becomes difficult as it is difficult.

13.Go Back
This is a simple mental number that can make resistance exercises daha Äì weights or body weight might ìm much easier. The census of the agents really hurts you when you have a destination in the 3.2.1 step that is more than 8,9,10 or if you have any destinations. It won't work for everyone, but it's worth trying.

14. Ensure Full Use of Your Street Furniture
Exercising outdoors is an excellent way to get your vitamin D and a good workout, and it doesn't have to be all cardio. In addition to the exercise machines that underline many parks, you can almost always find a bench or wall to make a notch or dips for a rod or overhangs. Rarer treats ersatz TRX can even contain chains to use as ropes.

15. Save your statistic
Nothing is effectively motivating to see signs of improvement, so make sure you keep a record of your activity. Using one of the many excellent fitness applications you can use, or using old-fashioned pen and paper, the record can be as simple as noting the five-rep max or the fastest 5K time.

5 especially healthy drinks besides water

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5 especially healthy drinks besides water

All living beings are formed largely of water, in fact, this element is the most important for the maintenance of life on Earth. It is of fundamental importance for the human being, as well as for the rest of animals and terrestrial living beings.

Water is a compound that is formed from the union of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Its molecular form is H2O and it is a very stable molecule.

It is worth mentioning that the planet Earth is composed of 70% water. In the same way, the human body is composed in the same proportion of the same element. In fact, in most cases, to maintain a healthy diet it is recommended to consume food with 70% water.

Independently, besides the water, there are a series of natural foods that can give rise to drinks with great benefits. Next, some of these drinks and their properties are developed. Which are usually highly recommended by specialists in order to maintain a good quality of life.

Juices with fruit base

1. Beet juice
The ingredient is composed of vitamins A, B, and C. Also antioxidants, calcium, amino acids, as well as potassium, magnesium, sugar and water.

The preparation of the product is identical to that of any other juice. It should be mentioned that despite the strong color of the beet, there is no difficulty when cleaning the blender and the preparation tools of the mix.

2. Coconut water
It is possible that the youngest ones have heard about it for the first time thanks to the reality shows of survival. Sometimes, the participants are fed based on this food and it does not surprise us, since it is a very complete food, due to its high levels of potassium.

This mineral contributes to improve hydration. It is advisable to consume those more natural, those that incorporate less additional in their production.

If you want to know more: How to prepare your own coconut oil at home

Other healthy drinks

3. Aloe vera water
If there has been a rediscovery in the 21st century, it has been that of aloe vera. The plant has great properties, from anti-healing to the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood.

Thanks to the antioxidant properties found in your juice, it can help to prevent cell aging

In this way, it can be very helpful to treat constipation or circulatory problems.

4. Tea
It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, however, there are those who still do not know its benefits.

The main properties of tea are the following:

It helps prevent dental problems.
Improves circulation
It has anti-inflammatory properties.
Prevent bacteria from developing inside you
See also: The thousand and one properties of green tea

5. Guayusa
It is a plant from the Ecuadorian jungle. Rich in caffeine and theobromine, another stimulating substance. Its energetic power is similar to that of mate. Thanks to its chlorogenic acids, it is very beneficial for the heart.

Its energetic power makes it interesting to start the day, even more than coffee. The stimulation that it contributes can help to burn calories, since it accelerates the metabolism.

Friday, May 31, 2019

5 tips to resume your exercise routine

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5 tips to resume your exercise routine

Resuming your exercise routine after a long time without physical activity, is very healthy. However, doing it hastily can be dangerous and cause injury. A common mistake is to pretend to do the same routine from the first day of exercise and that is not convenient.

Salud180 tells you some considerations that you should take into account so as not to hurt yourself and return to the exercise after a prolonged time.

1. The body requires time to adapt to exercise, also for muscles and bones to strengthen, acquire tone and flexibility. Therefore it is important to start progressively and without demanding too much, especially if you have had an injury.

2. If the reason you stopped exercising was due to illness, it is important to consult your doctor before starting your routine. Do not forget to ask if you should have any special care.

3. Before starting, set a goal; Run a marathon, do 100 sit-ups a day or go cycling on a long trip. Whatever your goal, write it down and leave it in a visible place like in the refrigerator.

4. Create an exercise plan; define days, times and place where you will go to practice. Find new ways to exercise. You can try soft exercises like yoga or pilates.

5. Learn to listen to your body and accept your own limitations. Especially if you stopped exercising for health reasons or some injury.

6. Take care of your muscles. Start with slow movements; if you train with weights, use the smaller ones to improve your resistance. Little by little, the weight and repetitions increase depending on the result you want to obtain.

Remember that physical activity is only part of your health plan. If you complete your routine with small changes in your diet, the results will be more noticeable. Good luck!

7 tips not to get discouraged with the exercise

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7 tips not to get discouraged with the exercise

"One of the factors that most influences people to join a gym in the first weeks but then do not return is not see results in a short time," says personal trainer, Dani Bueno Trainer. However, he adds, perseverance and discipline are part of the process.

The expert gives us 'tips' to keep motivation at its peak:

1. Establish objectives. It is necessary to create clear and realistic goals; also taking into account the lifestyle, the time it takes to devote to the practice of physical activity, eating habits and medical history. These should be done by a physical trainer.

2. Follow-up To know if we are achieving the objective, it is key to monitor progress, if possible through a diary. This tool will help us to motivate us all the time, in addition to correcting the shortcomings to avoid that they become obstacles to reach the proposed goals.

3. Goals in sight. If your goal is, for example, to reduce measures, write it on a sheet of paper and stick it in a place near your bed, so that you can see it every day. In this way you will keep it present daily and you will elaborate your schedule according to your priority, which is to have a change in your body and in your life.

4. Have a fitness model. From a celebrity to a close person are valid. Having a model and following it can be useful to not lose motivation. In Instagram there are millions of lovers of a healthy lifestyle, including their workout routines and eating tips to always be in shape. Find the one you like, follow it and get inspired (read also: 'Instagram profiles that will inspire you to be fit')

5. Understand that it is not a quick process. When in the past there was an unhealthy lifestyle, the body takes time to assimilate the changes. For this reason, it is important that it be a slow process, implementing changes as time passes, so that it does not become a traumatic experience. Also, the results will be seen.

6. The three secrets of success. Strength training, cardiovascular work and a diet plan are the three factors to achieve results. When there is not adequate counseling, people tend to make mistakes in their process, which will affect the results.

In fact, one of the myths that must be broken is that women should not train with weights, because their body will look like a man's. This is completely false. On the contrary, doing weights will cause the fat to be replaced by muscle, guaranteeing a much faster process.

Related articles: '7 myths of physical exercise'

7. Wear the right clothes. This is one of the keys so that the exercise that is carried out is of quality, besides not putting in risk the health of the knees and the articulations in general.

Well, he recommends, first of all, buy specialized shoes for 'trainning' or 'running', with a thick sole and cushioning. As for the clothing, it must be breathable, elastic and lightweight.

The 5 Steps To Start Exercising (And Having The Habit) Without Failing In The Attempt

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The 5 Steps To Start Exercising (And Having The Habit) Without Failing In The Attempt

Regular exercise is a known habit for promoting optimal health. Maybe you hate him or maybe you love him. 

If you already exercise constantly, you definitely know what I mean. But if you have not yet managed to be very active in your daily routine, in this article I have for you 5 infallible steps to start with the habit of exercising and turning it into a real permanent habit (guaranteed).

Also, discover why exercise can be a recipe for something other than losing weight. Decide to do something good for yourself and keep reading.

Let's face it: it's not that difficult to start an exercise routine. After all, most of us have tried it more than once.

The problem, of course, comes with doing it constantly, that is, turning it into a habit.

Very often, your initial enthusiasm evaporates and your energy decreases little by little; you get distracted by other things that happen in your life, or maybe you can not see results quickly enough and suddenly, boom! You throw the towel.

I do not want to lie to you, exercise can be uncomfortable at first. And that is the main reason why it is so hard for us to start. Even if you already have your exercise routine established, some days you may feel that resistance to exercise.

The good news is that all your effort is well rewarded. Exercise affects many areas of your life (without realizing it). You just have to focus on building the habit of exercising and the benefits will fall from the sky.

Also the great advantage, is that you do not necessarily have to do one hour workouts. WHO (World Health Organization) recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day 1.

And to start having the habit of exercising you can start with much less of this time.

If you look good and be healthier, you do not just convince, keep reading
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